Connecting Coloradans
to oral health care

The SMILES Dental Project® – Spanning Miles in Linking Everyone to Services – is creating opportunities for more Coloradans to get the dental care they need by reducing or eliminating barriers to care through integrating dental hygienists into community spaces across the state.

A Virtual Dental Home model, SMILES uses telehealth technology that enables dental hygienists to deliver dental care in rural, underserved communities under the supervision of a dentist who may be miles away in another community.

This website serves as a roadmap to support communities in implementing the SMILES Dental Project. Each chapter provides information and resources for communities as they embark upon this journey.





Chapter 1

Getting Started


Chapter 2

Colorado Laws and Regulations


Chapter 3

Clinical Guidelines


Chapter 4

Interim Therapeutic Restorations (ITR)


Chapter 5

Implementation Guide


Chapter 6

Medicaid Billing


Chapter 7

Infection Control